About Kimberly Purpoz

Kimberly Purpoz's Professional Bio

Kimberly (Swanson) "Purpoz" has been a professional writer and author for over 14 years. Kimberly currently writes under the following pseudonym: Kimberly Purpoz.  She is the author of , "Wanting Destiny ", "Age of Innocence", "Wheathering the Storm", and the upcoming motivational book, "Purpose Lies Within: A Motivational Book for the Heart and Soul." 

Purpoz is a graduate of Georgia State University. She is also motivational speaker and an advocate for women and  children with developmental disabilities. Kimberly is a also a researcher and grantwriter.    She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Psychology at Keiser University. Kimberly lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

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